Menufy Reviews – Is It For Me?

Menufy Reviews
Menufy Reviews

There’s been a surge in demand online ordering for restaurants. While various businesses are rushing to get on GrubHub, those that have been on GrubHub for a while can tell you they HATE paying those obscene fees. Think about it. GrubHub takes 20-25% of the order for most new restaurants businesses. Granted, your restaurant is in front of a new audience, but that is a really REALLY high rate. Add to that, you still pay that fees on repeat orders. Now you can see why many restaurants are looking to online ordering systems to see if it’s a fit for their business. Truth be told, this field can get complicated. Some of this technology is very old, reskinned for restaurant online ordering. Some charge you a flat monthly rate, while others change you per transaction. Today, I wanted to dive deeper into Menufy. Below is my Menufy review.

Menufy Reviews – Is this Online Ordering System Right for My Restaurant

There are a ton of benefits with Menufy. From the customer side, it is very easy to use and incredibly user friendly. Menufy allows a customer to place an order for pickup or delivery, with a multitude of payment options. It’s pretty straight forward for a restaurant. In actuality, most of these modern restaurant online ordering systems are rather clean for users. The sticky part the functionality and costs associated to these systems. Here are further Menufy reviews and details from the business side.

Menufy for Restaurants

Menufy has some amazing functionality and a very simple fee structure. In addition to that, the ordering process will look exactly like your existing website. Even if you don’t have a site, Menufy will create a site for you.

How Much is Menufy for a Restaurant?

Menufy Reviews
Menufy Reviews

Menufy promotes its service as a free service. Of course, any business owner can tell you that is never the case. So let’s look at this deeper. Menufy operates on a per transaction basis. So, you’re never paying a setup fee and technically, it costs you $0 to get started. You are only paying once you start getting transactions. This is where it’s important to put on your math cap.

In addition to the credit card processing (which I’ll get into shortly) Menufy charges $1.25 per order. That’s it. Now, that $1.25 can be paid by the customer or the business. So if you’re a business, you might be thinking “Great, I get an online ordering system for free while my customer pays $1.25. Win Win.” Not so fast

The issue with this line of thinking is the customer is NOT coming first. You’re passing on a convenience fee to a customer. How many customers do you know enjoy paying for convenience? If anything they expect it and for free. So what you just made the customer do, is abandon your online ordering system and play the order through GrubHub.

At 20-25%, that order is going to cost you significantly higher than $1.25. The best advice I give to anyone interested in Menufy is to have the restaurant take on the cost of the transaction.  I’ve seen some do it where the customer pays the $1.25 for orders under $20, then the business pays for everything over $20. You “might” get away with this, but what you’ll never know, is how many customers you lost due to this fee.

How is Menufy With Credit Card Processing?

The credit card processing rates with Menufy are actually pretty good – at least when it comes to restaurant online ordering systems. Menufy charges 2.5% of the transaction plus .30

Is Menufy the Best Option for Me?

There never is a straight black and white answer to this. Typically, I speak to restaurant owners to understand their business, then can give you a true recommendation. The best way to answer this is by looking at to 3 math scenarios to support the conclusions.

  • Scenario 1 : Customer is Paying the $1.25 Fee
    • On the surface, this is a no brainer for the restaurant order as this entire system costs you $0. Please be VERY wary that customers are going to complain about the fee.  I would avoid this at all costs. The negative attribution to save you actually will cost you in the long one – it really will.
  • Scenario 2: Restaurant is Paying the $1.25 Fee
    • This will bode best for your customers. With that out of the way, it becomes a game of numbers, so I will keep it simple. If you expect to do less than 150 transactions a month, i 100% recommend Menufy. Without any startup costs, you’re simply paying on an as needed basis. Only 30 online orders this month,  your cost is $37.50. Had a better month at 100 transactions, you’re cost is $125 month. Since the goal is to grow your business, you need to re-evaluate your restaurant online ordering system if you start doing more than 150 transactions a month. I say there are better solutions that will meet your needs given  your volume
  • Scenario 3: Hybrid: Customers pay for orders under $20. This option is tolerated, it could actually boost your overall average customer order. This only works if there aren’t additional charges (ex delivery fees). Under this approach, you can move that monthly transaction cap up another 20% (180 a month). I say this as I’ve seen data first hand where 20% of orders are paid by customers, with 80% to restaurants with that $20 min.

So there you have it, my review of Menufy. Menufy also comes with a ton of options for business such as: No contract (most operate in this fashion), mobile friendly, app option, SMS & email order notification,  daily credit card deposits, and more. You’ll find that Menufy is rather modern and that it’s rather simple to use for the restaurant and the consumer. It’s a great platform if you’re a brand new restaurant in your first year of business, with a small amount of customers. In this case, I’d recommend you use Menufy until you start seeing your numbers getting to high. On the other hand, if you already expect to do over 150 transactions a month, I would not recommend Menufy purely from a fee perspective.

As I always state, marketing for your restaurant is more than about online ordering. However, online ordering for your business is the #1 “want” from business customers. Give the customers what they want with these outsourced solutions so you can focus on running your restaurant.

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